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Primary purpose of this forum is to talk about Karl May and his work. Most of the categories are primarily for czechoslovak visitors with the following meanings:
  • O webu - about this web - ideas, error reports
  • O knižních mayovkách - focused on books
  • O filmových mayovkách - focused on movies
  • Po stopách Vinnetoua v Chorvatsku - focused on filming locations (Croatia)
  • O čemkoliv jiném - anything else which does not fit elsewhere
  • Antikvariát a bazar - category targeted on trading of Karl May related things.
  • International - category which can be used by foreign visitors who do not speak Czech or Slovak.
Of course you are allowed to write to every category in any language you want, but better keep non-czech/non-slovak in this international category :-) Should we decide that a topic should be in some other category, it will be moved. Duplicate topics are in a danger of being deleted.

Write your messages as you would be speaking them face-to-face, do not hide behind anonymous Internet, so think before you post some nonsense. In addition, I am the Dictator here, so I can delete anything I do not like, but I believe readers of Karl May books are honest and polite beings :-)

  • unnecessary swearing and vulgar language,
  • ilegal offers or links to illegal materiel,
  • posts aimed at advertising of something not related to Karl May
In addition, use correct grammar and punctuation. Note that l33t speak is cool, but makes posts hard to understand. Before you submit, do not forget to read your post once again and fix typos etc.

Dieses Forum dient allen Karl-May-Fans. Im Forum gilt:
  • Niemand darf beleidigt oder erniedrigt werden.
  • Alle User behandeln sich mit gegenseitigem Respekt.
  • Es werden nicht absichtlich Unwahrheiten verbreitet.
  • Bitte zum Thema äußern und nicht andere User (deren Kenntnisse, Einstellungen, Meinungen usw.) bewerten.
Verstöße gegen diese Regel führen zu sofortiger und permanenter Sperrung.

  • O webu - über dieser Webseite - Vorschläge, Ideen.
  • O knižních mayovkách - Bücher, Literatur und Neues zu Karl May
  • O filmových mayovkách - hier gehört alles hinein was mit den Karl-May-Filmen in Verbindung steht.
  • Po stopách Vinnetoua v Chorvatsku - Drehorte (Kroatien)
  • O čemkoliv jiném - hier gehört alles hinein, was in kein anderes Thema passt.
  • Antikvariát a bazar - Antiquariat und Basar. Bücher, CDs, DVDs, Video .....
  • International - Kategorie für ausländische Benutzer, die kein Tschechisch oder Slowakisch sprechen.


09.03.2009 15:01
Pandu, maybe it would be good if you could tell us what are you looking for and what do you offer. I already have one interested person on my e-mail who is not fluent in English, but I can work as an intermediate if needed.

08.03.2009 18:50
I'm interested in exchange but I wonder how to do it exactly.

08.03.2009 18:44
Hello there and welcome to this web! I guess there would be some people interested, but I am afraid they are not that good in English, but surely German will be no problem If you can use it :-) (Well, I can't, strange when being a fan of German writer :-) I have to learn it quickly :-)
pandu ganesa
06.03.2009 14:01
Halllo everybody, greetings from Indonesian Karl May Society

Anybody interested in collecting any foreign Karl May editions? Well, I am ready to barter it.



05.12.2008 12:39
Well, have fun :-) Any comments are welcome.